About Us

Ehab Roufail, CEO & Co-Founder

From an Engineering background that focussed on Neural Networks, Ehab then jumped into programming.
Having held positions of CTO and Head of Development in Finance, Media & Broadcasting,
Publishing and the Medical sectors within FTSE 100 companies and seen that success is tied to motivated
groups of empowered individuals who work well as a team, he felt that founding a consultancy that focuses
on the right people was key. He also has an amazing comedic talent no matter what others say!
- we were forced to put that bit in.

DISC Personality Profile Summary:

Socially oriented with a strong self-motivation to get to know people in all walks of life and to nurture those relationships.
Having a natural enthusiasm for all types of ideas and projects - own and other people's. People describe as gregarious,
persuasive and optimistic.


Gav Patel, COO & Co-Founder

With a degree in hospitality management and a masters degree in information technology,
Gav understands how to deliver a truely professional technical service. Gav has worked in many sectors
from start ups, maritime, search engines, broadcast and finance in many roles from tester through to test
manager and consultant. A strong advocate of Agile, when done correctly watching a team fluidly flow
is inspirational. His biggest bug bear is the word "QA", ask him why sometime.

DISC Personality Profile Summary:

Conscientiousness, diligent with attention to detail. Constantly striving for accuracy and high standards.
Possessing an inner drive to be systematic and precise in all things. A natural choice for work that requires attention to detail
and accuracy.

Smruti, Principal Consultant

A Degree and Masters degree in Bio Medical Sciences holds Smruti in good stead for running the pharmaceutical  division. 
Having consulted for many blue-chip pharmaceutical companies and working with dispersed teams she brings a tenacity
of consulting with a human element.   It doesn’t stop there, in her spare time she gives back to the community being an
elected local Councillor and a community governor of a local school. 



Tereza, Principal Consultant

Having a degree in Chemistry she worked as a Chemical Analyst for a leading company in global patent 
intelligence  and collaboration. She brings insight and structure to our analytical process and teams.
She is also managing 4 of our key incubator projects that take a lot of her time.